The past 3 days… And today

The past 3 days have been a tad tricksy. My 3 year old daughter caught a bug and gave up sleeping for the duration. She announced she was feeling better yesterday (phew), slept last night (phew!) and went to preschool today (PHEW!). I have never needed these 3 hours as much as I do today.

But hey, I expect you want to know what I was wearing the whole time, RIGHT? Well I’ll tell you.

On Saturday I put on this little number, a jersey wrap dress, V8379:


Which promptly got vomited on. I had to remove my vomitty tights, but lucky for me, most of the vomit fell neatly between the folds of the dress, giving it a NST (nursing sick toddler) score of 8/10.

On Sunday she stopped puking and cheered up a little. We took her to the park and I wore this skirt, made from a McCalls pattern, M6608, and 5 metres (!) of jersey:


This is actually the skirt’s first outing, I had previously just been wearing it to swish about the house in, nervous that it was a bit too weird for Leeds. But no, it was quite good fun. Alas, when we got back to the house T felt unwell, this time with a sore throat. There was much running up & down stairs and the skirt proved to be very impractical. I can only score it 4/10 on the NST scale.

On Monday, having not slept since Friday, I was not really feeling the whole handmade love thing. Then I remembered this:


My mother in law knitted it for me for Christmas. She was actually the one who taught me to knit and sew. I like it because it can turn a very dull outfit into a cool one. It was perfect for the day. I’m going to give it a NST score of 9.

So here we are, we made it to Tuesday, and I am wearing this:


This is another McCalls pattern, M5799. It’s the second dress I ever made, from wool fabric that I got from Abakhan in North Wales. It’s a good beginner pattern, very straightforward. If I was going to make it again I’d put pockets in the side seams. I love that it’s wool as it’s so warm, but not scratchy as it’s lined.

Right then. 2 hours before pick up time. I’m going to go make something 🙂