The Linden sweatshirt

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR. I had a sewing-free holiday season, I think it made me feel weird. I won’t be going two weeks without making something in future. I did make Tim some socks, in secret, for xmas. This was tricky as I am a slow knitter, so I ended up having to knit them right in front of his face. I was relying on my suspicion that he doesn’t ever pay attention to what I’m knitting, he just sees my hands moving and that’s enough for him to glaze over. This worked in my favour COMPLETELY – I even grafted the toe under his nose. I should take a photo of them so that you can see how bright the yarn is and how impressive (worrying?) this actually is.

Anyway, yes, sewing. I wanted a nice quick project to get me back into it, and something I could do while the little’un was at school. I had bought the Linden sweatshirt pattern from Grainline Studio when they were having a sale over thanksgiving. This and the Moss skirt, which I have yet to attempt, but I have plans.

Linden is as good a pattern as everyone says. It is super fast, and the seam allowances are 1/4″ so it’s a really easy one to overlock, making it even faster.

Linden sweatshirtThe fabric is a sweater fabric from The Shuttle in Shipley, plus a black ribbing also from there for the cuffs and waistband. I originally intended to use ribbing for the neck band too, but I thought it might be too heavy.

Linden sweatshirtThe only change I made to the pattern was making the neck a little wider. I normally add length in the arms but I didn’t actually need to with this one. And I love it! I love the fit and how soft the fabric is… I will be making more in different fabrics. There are no decent shots of me wearing it as my photographer has selfishly been at work, so you will have to make do with this crappy selfie:

Linden selfie