The hamster(?) vest

Many moons ago, when Tim was working with Kaiser Chiefs in Japan, him and Ricky went to get me a present (so I’m told) and decided on this T-shirt. I know, out of alllll the things in Japan, they saw this T-shirt and thought of me.

Was it the hamster? The face paint? The fact it only had one arm? Big shoulder? Triangle skirt? Mismatching boots? Limited time in an exciting city with no real desire to go shopping and buying the first thing you see? Perhaps we will NEVER know.

Having said all that, I actually quite like it. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact it was a T-shirt and the fit was weird, sort of too big and too small at the same time – baggy but with a tiny neck. I put it in a drawer for 5 or 6 years and forgot about it until I had a clear out on the weekend and found it again.

Hamster tshirt

I decided it would be something I’d wear if it were a vest and, having made a couple of vests lately that I’ve been pleased with, I traced round one of these for a pattern. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough length in the T-shirt to make the racer back style I wanted, so I needed to add more fabric. I wanted yellow, but found nothing in my stash so I used one of Tim’s old T-shirts (with his permission – it had a stain on it anyway after I had used it to clean the fireplace).

And I am chuffed with the result!:

Hamster vestThe design only just fit on the front panel. The pattern was on tracing paper which helped to centre it. I only needed a tiny bit of yellow fabric on the front straps, but I like how it looks on the back too:

Hamster vestProbably should have ironed it first. What’s that? You want another poorly framed selfie? Ah alright then.

Hamster selfieBut yes, I like it, a lot. And I have a whole load of ill-fitting band T-shirts awaiting the same (or similar) treatment. Ace.