The Granville Shirt (& Bonds of Farsley)

Just over a month ago I made a shirt then neglected to blog about it because I had no photos of me wearing it. I still have no photos of me wearing it, but I am blogging about it anyway as I have so much other stuff I want to share with you and I am anal enough that it has to be presented in the right order. So here is the shirt, modelled by my dummy (she hasn’t got a name, I would feel weird enlarging and decreasing her chest if she did) and I think I’m going to get one of those camera remote things so that I can take photos of myself in future. That should be fun.

So, yes, the Granville shirt! This is a pattern by those clever people at Sewaholic. It comes in PDF form but I got the paper pattern sent to me via Alice from Backstitch, because PDFs: gah. I also got the fabric from Backstitch, but months and months earlier. It’s a print by Carolyn Friedlander, which I fell in love with as soon as I saw it. I had no immediate plans for it but had to buy it so that no one else could. Sorry.

Granville shirtIt’s a lovely pattern, with princess seams in the back (I did flat felled seams everywhere but the armholes), a self-lined yoke and tower plackets. This is my first attempt at tower plackets and I’m really pleased with how they turned out, they were much simpler than I was expecting. Not a great image but you get the general idea:

Granville placketThe back fits really beautifully, but you’re just going to have to take my word for that until I get that remote.

Granville shirt backAnd the poppers were from this little crazy shop in Farsley, called Bonds. My friend Abi told me about them and said I had to go. They have all this vintage stock, and not rip off prices either. I couldn’t get over how new everything looked, despite being 30 or so years old, like these poppers:

Granville poppersSo bright and orange! I took a few photos of some of the bits of haberdashery I bought in there. But really, to get any idea you have to go and visit. Just don’t buy anything, as it is all technically mine. Ok, and Abi’s.

IMG_5472Oh and they had trims. So many trims! Shelves and shelves and baskets. Three walls of trims! (Again, this is not an invitation for you to go and buy them. I might need them) Here are some I got:

Bonds of FarsleyThey also had a basket of lace trim. And 5 zips for £1! Oh and these sweater cuffs and waistbands. I didn’t know these even existed:

Bonds of FarsleyI have plans to make another Linden sweater with these. Maybe grey with the red? I don’t know. I might wait till I find the perfect fabric.

Until next time x