The Archer Shirt

I’m new to sewing from PDF patterns, but thought I’d give one a go when I saw all the amazing Archer shirts by Grainline Studio on Instagram. (look for the hashtag #archerappreciation if you want to see them all). It turns out I was jumping in at the deep end a bit, as this particular pattern is unusually large at over 30 pages. I also messed up by getting my husband to print it out at work, and it got printed at 95% instead of 100. This is something I only found out after I had cut it up and stuck it all together. I had reached the ‘fuck it’ stage by this point so carried on regardless. I’m glad I did as I’m really happy with the how it turned out. I added an extra inch in the arms, which is something I do with pretty much all patterns anyway, but I could have done with adding more length in the body. Or, you know, just printing it out at the right size.

Always print the test square, people.

In the picture above it has no buttons but I have since sewn those on and worn it a few times. I love it! I will be making more (in the right size…). I have also since downloaded some more PDF patterns from Perfect Pattern Parcel and will be making some children’s clothes soon. Watch this space.