So. It’s that time of year, when we decide what we’d like to feel failures about, this time next year. And I don’t know about you, but I have some Big Plans (Big Potential Failures) in the pipeline.

1: I’d like to make something for Tim. He is probably my biggest fan, is the most encouraging and all-round lovely bloke so I have wanted to make him something for a while, but I’ve been nervous of menswear and I’m not even sure why. I would quite like to make him a cowboy shirt (this could just be because I really miss Deadwood – why won’t they make another series, WHY?!) and I think he might even like that too…

2: I’d like to make a quilt. I have never actually finished one. I started making one before I got pregnant and never finished it. So either finish that one or just start something completely different.

3: I want to learn how to make rugs. How hard can it be?

4: Arduino. I want to know everything about it and then make something cool. I am halfway (ha!) there – I got an Arduino book for christmas.

5: I intend to bring the knitting machine out of retirement (well, it had never properly retired, just taken a lengthy, dust-gathering holiday), sort it out, get it moving, make some clever stuff. I love machines and gadgets and I basically have this massive thing in the corner of my studio that I don’t even use. I’d like to master knitting in the round (it’s a V-bed) and also work on my secret project.

6: Sort my Etsy shop out. People ask where they can buy my stuff and I’d like to have somewhere to point them towards that I’m not embarrassed about.

7: Ravelry. Also needs sorting out. In that I need to upload that pattern that I finished writing, that I get messaged about by random Ravellers every week. It’s ok, I only wrote it umm… 3 years ago…

8: Start making that blazer jacket, that I have so far avoided as it says “très difficile” on the pattern envelope.

9: Join in on a couple of sewalongs. I’ve never done one before.

10: The Secret Project. This is something that incorporates a lot of the above, which is exciting but also worrying as there’s a lot to learn and do and I can’t really leave anything out. Still, aim high and all that. I’ll be blogging about this in the coming weeks.

Ok that’s 10, that’ll do me. Got anything planned yourself?