Handmade365, days 13 & 14

Another couple of hectic days over here, but I am finally sat down with my feet up (as you can see from the second photograph). Today I’m showing you a skirt and some socks. Hold onto your seats.

Leopard pencil skirt

So this skirt was one I made without using a pattern, I just traced round an existing skirt I owned and winged it really. For some reason I always find this method much quicker, almost worryingly so – I keep wondering if I’m missing something. But hey, if you end up with a skirt at the end of it, it can’t be all bad. And I love this skirt 🙂 The fabric was from Abakhan, the bargain bins once again. It cost me £2 and I only used half of it.

Second up, day 14 (wow, 2 weeks already), socks:

Coopknits socks

Some lovely socks designed by the lovely Coopknits. If you haven’t got her book and you like knitting socks, well frankly I don’t know what you’re doing with your life. Sort it out 😉